This whole CrossFit craze began a couple of decades ago with founder Greg Glassman.

It is an extremely effective way to get fit and ANYONE can do it! With constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, CrossFit Hatchet coaches people of all ages, shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment.

From improved health and fitness to weight loss and better performance, CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal. The program works for EVERYONE! 



Please see CLASS CALENDAR for current hours.



(besides the fact that you will get fit + look great naked)

Really the very best part of CrossFit is that it’s a community. It is an awesome community. It is a huge movement. An awesome huge movement.

Awesome for anyone looking to improve their every day life.

Since the inception of CrossFit, an overly enthusiastic crew of CrossFitters has emerged around the world! Find yourself at any CrossFit box, and you will find a friendly and welcoming group of dedicated fitness freaks. CrossFitters are REALLY excited about exercise (how fantastic and unusual is THAT?!?), and any member you speak with is happy to share their passion. The enthusiasm is contagious.

Each class is a crew of people working ridiculously hard, and when you bring people together to do the impossible, it makes FANTASTIC things happen. It’s why teammates on championship quests are so tight-knit and why soldiers are so fiercely loyal - because getting through tough stuff brings people together.  

What does this mean? It mean that CrossFit brings people together.

This is great. This is REALLY great.

Come get together with us!



We have so much FUN equipment to use!

  • kettlebells galore!

  • climbing ropes

  • barbells + bumper plates

  • heaps of dumbbells

  • skipping ropes

  • boxes for jumps/step ups

  • mats, rollers + yoga blocks

  • gymnastics rings

  • pull up bars

  • rowers + air bike!

  • Indian clubs

  • weight sleds